DPH Company is a pharmaceutical company, established in Iraq / Kurdistan. DPH is a privately owned company for trading and distribution of pharmaceuticals, Nutraceuticals, medical supplies and medical devices.

At DPH Company, we work with passion, determination and constant professionalism. We ensure the delivery of high quality products and services to our customers in Iraq. Our standards are globally recognized, and our commitment is second to none.

Our management has experience in the fields of importing and distributing. The primary function of the company is to source, market and distribute Pharmaceutical, Nutraceuticals, medical equipment and supplies of established international brands desiring to optimise their retail presence throughout the territory of Iraq and Kurdistan region.


People make the difference, and accordingly, we invest in professional & highly motivated people

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Doctor Pharma in Numbers

Doctor Pharma Company has 179 employees in total and expanding.

We have 3 warehouses (600 m2 in total); main stores in Sulaimaniyah (250 m2), a store in Baghdad (200 m2), and a store in Erbil (150 m2).

Number of main Head offices: 3 Main offices (200 m2).

Hub Office: 1 in As Sulaimaniyah, Iraq.

We provide distribution services to our clients locally all across Iraq, from the north to the south, and internationally across different geographical areas through our fleet of 129 vehicles.


To provide our customers with the most innovative healthcare products & solutions through selective business partners & and efficient distribution network.


To become the leading partner to reputable pharmaceutical manufacturers & health care providers and serve the people of Iraq with efficiency.


We embrace every one of the assignments and tasks which ensure an opportune, exact, and proficient execution with the most elevated Quality to accomplish the business destinations.


Examination of the interest for your items - Competition investigation of identical items at the market - Preparation of the advertising procedure - Expenditure estimation for a presentation of your items